About Us


Coconut has a long history of use throughout the tropical world. Wherever the coconut tree grows, it is intertwined in daily life, culture, heritage and cuisine.

RASAKU offers a range of coconut related products: Milk, Cream, Cream Powder, Toasted Coconut Paste and Low Fat Desiccated Coconut. The finest mature coconuts are used as the basic raw material, delivering its full flavour and aroma. Our manufacturing processes are always under stringent hygienic conditions, and complies with international food safety standards.


RASAKU products boast broad consumer appeal, with a distinctive taste suitable for all ethnic groups and ages. Our products have earned exceptional popularity in both domestic and international markets, and these easy-to-use products continue to grow in popularity.

We utilize advanced and innovative technologies, and combine these with modern packaging materials to lock in the natural flavour and aroma of coconut. These modern manufacturing technologies enable product shelf life of up to 36 months.


RASAKU is available in all major retailers and is recognized internationally of her authentic high quality products, consistent of quality, taste and aroma, while maintaining the natural goodness from its origin.