Private Label


We manufacture quality products and are proud to offer a range of coconut related products. In accordance to international food safety standards, our manufacturing processes are always under stringent hygienic conditions, and each stage of the manufacturing process is subject to stringent Quality Assurance. In terms of packaging, we offer a choice of both Tetra Pak Aseptic and cans. 

Having exported to more than 40 countries worldwide, our company is renowned as one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of coconut related products in the region.  We are driven by our commitment to be the preferred business partner to all our customers.


Coconut Cream is the rich, smooth, thick liquid extracted from the fresh meat of a mature fruit of coconut. Coconut cream is naturally thicker because it is of the first extraction from the coconut meat. It is creamy white, thick and has the mild sweet taste of coconut.

RASAKU Coconut Cream is available in Tetra Pak Aseptic packaging, with a product shelf life of 18 months. This modern hygienic packaging is designed to retain the rich aroma and flavour of coconut.

If you are looking for a thick coconut cream and the great aroma of curries and other sauces, RASAKU Coconut Cream is just perfect for you and your family. It is also a delectable delight in coconut rice pudding or coconut ice cream.